Our Experts in Forging, hardening, tempering and finishing, maintain high standards of craftsmanship to bring you a durable, versatile and unique range of tools for suppliers to the ceramic trade and industry as well as education, hobby shops and craft outlets.

1. Curved and spear shaped ends with course teeth for cutting and removal of materials, ideal for uneven textures

2. Sturdy splayed and screwdriver shaped ends for filling and smoothing.

3. Oval with slight upturn and slanted palette ends. incorporating a flexibility ideal for smoothing and filling.

4. Spear shaped, with slight upturn, and curved end. Featuring a variety of fine and coarsely serrated teeth.

5. Fine and coarsely serrated edges with smooth and sharp opposite end.

6. Sharp edged and coarse toothed ends, ideal for removal of material.

7. Oval and wide palette ends. Slight upturn on each with a flexibility ideal for smoothing and filling.

8. Sturdy spatula and screwdriver shaped ends.

9. Finely serrated and curved ends for intrinsic work.

10. Coarse and fine toothed with sturdy and rounded ends.

11. Small spatula and needlepoint end. Ideal for cleaning and filling.

12. Blunt point and ball end.

13. A sturdy tool rounded on one end and flat on the reverse side, with a wide splayed opposite end.

14. Large and small smoothly shaped shaped ends.

15. Shaped ends with finely serrated edges.

16. Arrowhead and small screwdriver shaped ends.

17. Large sturdy double ended tool with bends of approximately 90°.

18. Small sturdy double ended tool with bends of approximately 90°.

19. Rigid smoothing and filling.

20. Large and small hooked ends, finely serrated and sharpened on the opposite edge.

21. Small smooth and roundly formed with curved ends.

22. Half round with flat reverse side double ended tool.

23. Smooth rigid and rounded tool with one flat side and fine point and edges.

24. Small opened and closed hooked ends fully and very finely serrated.

25. Smooth rigid and rounded tool, very finely serrated on all edges with sharp and curved ends.

26. Bent and curved rigid ends fully serrated with very fine teeth.

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